End of Summer Drop

A nostalgic aura permeates Carrousel Dreams´ End of Summer Drop, with its saturated colors and romantic silhouettes that echo the shimmering sunrays of a summer nearing its twilight. This drop brings beautiful garments from a variety of designers, a gorgeous new short film, the launch of our masculine-wear line, as well as a host of new features for our online storefront. We are excited to give you an exclusive first look at our best drop yet.  

Introducing Masculine Garments

Carrousel Dreams strives for inclusiveness at all levels of our business. To this end, we are proud to finally introduce masculine garments to our product roster. We believe that many aspiring fashion icons remain constrained by gender boundaries, preventing them from exploring entirely new ways of styling. To reflect this belief, our website will not be separated into men’s or women’s sections, but, rather, into ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ components of our filtering system.

Clothes for an Ephemeral Summer

Looking for styles from a mixture of decades, including the 60s, 70s, 90s, we decided to source vintage garments from a variety of designers, including Dior, Miu Miu, Hysteric Glamour, Vivienne Westwood, Gucci, Comme des Garçons and Junya Watanabe. Our sourcing focused on vibrant pieces that best serve the liminal space between Summer and Fall, where the romances of summer mature and sun steers away from our warm hearts.

"Surge" with Us at the Beach One Last Time

At the sea’s edge, two dancers stand. Distinct selves crash, crumble and merge only to establish themselves anew with striking symmetry as they engage this motion once more. Spiral with us through this surge of cyclic energy as we ponder the end of a season and all it holds. Our new film Surge takes our cinematic storytelling to new heights as we travel to a beach close to home.

Knowledge to the Storefront

Our online storefront is always evolving in our efforts to revolutionize the online shopping experience. In this drop, we are introducing Designer Pages, accessible directly in the product pages. Now, when a customer is looking at a product, they will find that the designer's name is a link, just like the one that takes our shoppers to our Model Pages, that will bring them to a dedicated page where they can learn more about the iconic designers that we carry. We are also launching our blog, which will explore our industry, its characters, and its relationship to our world. Lastly, we are adding a consignment page that will enable our customers to sell us their prized vintage pieces.

We hope you are excited by what is to come at Carrousel Dreams!

Please let us know of any questions, concerns or dreams you may have.