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What is Carrousel ?

Carrousel is much more than just a vintage store. We fancy ourselves prospectors of different eras, carefully restoring and memorializing artifacts that would otherwise be forgotten. Each one of our items is meticulously curated and faithfully represented. Our brand's genesis lies in the movement of the carrousel, enmeshed in the cyclicality of the whole, while its constituent components (the animals and chairs) rise and fall. We envisioned vintage operating in a similar way, as trends and styles recur, and individual garments fade into obscurity and are brought back into the light in this interminable recurrence.
Immersive StoriesAt Carrousel we are obsessed with tales, histories, and dreams. To set the mood for our garment drops, we create beautiful films that tell stories that contemplate the multiplicity of the self and the way in which our self-perception constructs our reality. Our characters are played by talented and multifaceted individuals whose modeling careers only represent a portion of who they are. Our films integrate our model's different abilities to further reflect on the fragmented character of the human experience.

Innovative Online Shopping Experience
Carrousel reinvigorates the online shopping experience through an intriguing design direction and a total focus on our garments. By marrying a minimal and functional façade with the vibrant colors and abstract textures of our garments, we enable our clothes to take center stage. In our effort to memorialize the collection, we retain our most iconic within our digital museum, which enables our customers to browse through the clothes that have passed through our transient space.

Comprehensive Product Presentation
Through innovative styling alongside comprehensive photography and video, we ensure that our garments truly represent the product our customers receive. As a vintage company, we are deeply aware of the many flaws that can be present in our products, which is why we strive to present our clothes in all of their history, as we believe that their “flaws” do not detract from them but instead make them more alive.

Inclusivity Statement
We believe in fashion as an intrinsically expressive aspect of human life and thus believe that people who wear clothes should not be constrained by any boundaries as they explore their aesthetic desires. We choose not to divide our garment offerings and our styling decisions along traditional gender boundaries. We strive to have ample diversity in our model repertoire, as our models—many of whom are not occupational models—come from different backgrounds.

The Carrousel Team

Jenny Assaf


Born and raised in San Francisco, Jenny Assaf began reworking clothing at the age of six. Jenny went off to pursue Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design, with a focus on repurposing secondhand garments. After graduating in 2020 with a BFA and a 12-look capsule collection, Assaf continues her passion for rescuing pre-loved garments by recontextualizing them through sourcing, styling and art direction.

Emiliano Bache-Rodriguez


Emiliano was born in touristy Cancun and lived there until high school, when he moved to techie San Francisco... after studying Biochemistry and Philosophy at Sarah Lawrence College he graduated into the unfavorable winds of a virulent reality... at Carrousel he does all manner of digital design, including web design and video editing, while also devising the company´s managerial and financial processes...

Ella Harmon

Video Lead

Ella Harmon is a video director, editor, and producer with five years of experience in commercial production and independent film in New York. As an undergraduate, Ella studied Cinema and Philosophy at Sarah Lawrence College and at the University of Oxford. Ella is currently pursuing a masters degree in documentary film at Northwestern, where they aim to take an experimental approach to truth-telling. Their films for Carrousel Dreams have centered around the multiplicity of self and the violence of vanity.

Alabel Chaplin

First Intern Class

Alabel Chapin is a third-year student at Barnard College majoring in Art History, with a concentration in Visual Arts. She loves to paint, read fantasy books, and play dress-up.

Lia Skøien

First Intern Class

Lia Skøien is a Scandinavian Designer and Artist based in Malmö, Sweden, currently studying Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design in New York. Designing within a holistic research process, she works in knitwear, oil painting, and digital design.


Carrousel Launches

Carrousel launched on 03/10/21

Drop 2

04/21/21 - Our first film, Myriad, launches alongside our collabs with Mall.NYC and ShopKathleen

Droplette 1

05/21/21 - Our first Droplette, a smaller scale drop, launches.

Drop 3

06/15/21 - Haute Girl Summer Drop launches alongside our film Asunder-Land

Droplette 2

07/16/21 - Our second Droplette

Drop 4

Our upcoming End of Summer Drop...

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End of Summer Drop

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