The easiest way to sell your gorgeous
garments is here!
In just a few steps you'll be sending your beautiful pieces on their way to their next home.

Step 1

Send us a message through our Instagram or to our email with images or video of the garments your are hoping to sell, as well as the prices for them. If you are hoping to sell more than ten items please fill out this spreadsheet (instructions inside) and attach it to your email!

Step 2

Our product drops are meticulously curated, so there's a chance that we will not take every item you submit. Once we have determined which items are approve, we will reach out to let you know, and you will be issued a shipping label to send us your beautiful pieces. We will also have you sign our consignment contract and we'll collect your preferred payout method.

Step 3

Once you’ve sent us your garments, we will give them the Carrousel treatment, by taking gorgeous product and editorial photography. We will then let you know once your products are up on our website. If your item sells you will get notified. We will take 40% percent of the sale price to cover our professional product staging and marketing services!

Why consign with us?

  • Selling on resale platforms means you have to do your own photography, styling and staging. With Carrousel Dreams, all you have to do is send us your garments and get paid. Simple!
  • Unlike other consignment platforms, we let you set your own prices while still providing guidance to make sure your clothes sell.
  • Other consignment services keep your items until they sell. We let you take them back after 6 months.